Pastor Hughes is a Dallas native, born and raised in the Oak Cliff area. He and his Cambodian wife of 22 years, parent three daughters, and Pastor City on a Hill International church in Garland, TX. Additionally, Pastor Hughes is currently pursuing a Master's degree at Southwestern Baptist Seminary. In 2012, he was blessed to receive a kidney transplant from Baylor Hospital, which resulted in his body fighting one of the most adverse rejections seen by his doctors. After weeks of fighting for his life and eventually being restored to health, he heard a call from Heaven saying, "Tell my people to stop rejecting me." With a new church plant underway, Pastor Hughes is focusing on community outreach in our surrounding community and throughout the Garland area with a strong emphasis on building up the youth and creating a multi-cultural community of believers. He has dedicated his life to winning souls for Jesus, encouraging others, and uniting people of all ethnicities. 


Influence Church is all about engagement! Don't just be a voiceless face in the crowd, fading into the background. Join a small group, make friends, pray together, cultivate your talents, and discover your calling from God. If you're trying to introduce a friend or someone new to Influence, these events can serve as great opportunities to invite them to learn more about the gospel and see the vision!

Members' MEETING

Let's be empowered and informed. Using everything at our disposal, members of Influence should prioritize discipleship and expose the love of Christ to everyone in their local communities. The purpose of these members' meeting is to take a moment to further the discussion and refocus on how to better serve the kingdom. Please feel free to raise any concerns or comment on how we can improve our operation.